3D Scanning

3D scanning

As we want to create an organic chicken breast, it is important to know the shape of it. The chicken breast will be 3d scanned in order to make it a 3d CAD model. Several 3D scanning methods are tested.


Agisoft photoscan

It does work but there is no fluent surface. A lot of repairing will be required in order to use this file for printing.

DSC_1571 DSC_1570

Fuel 3D

This is a device which makes a 3D photo. For acquiring a full 3D image several photo’s must be combined. The 3D photos made were not very accurate. Details were not visible. And the 3 dimensional forms were not correct some times. Besides there was no clear subscription of how to make the full 3D model with the programme.

IMG_20151012_1605392 IMG_20151012_161015

Autodesk 123D Catch

This programme works the best for the chicken breast. After making a wide series of photos of the chicken breast the programme made a fluent 3D model of it.


In order to see the 3D model of the chicken please click the link below.

by davidd
on Sketchfab

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