3D “Meat” printing on the science fair


After several weeks of research, testing and experimenting the we were ready to demonstrate the world’s first 3d printed chicken breast! We started the day with making the recipe for the prints. At the start of the day we also tested several taste samples which were flavored with spices. We decided the chicken pikant flavor was the most favorable and therefore we used these spices for the tasting at the science fair. After making the recipe we directly started printing in order to be able to show more samples to interested visitors

Next we brought our presentation material to the science fair. We thought we could cook the chicken on the science fair so people could see us prepare the spiced chicken. But its seemed that this was not possible due to safety reasons so we had to this at home. We succeeded with this just in time before the science fair started. Then finally the science fair started and slowly people were entering the building. As the time went on more people came to the science fair and to our stand. At first we had some issue with getting the printer started to show the people how it works. After little maintenance and some time we got it working again. Most of the visitors were really interested in our project. We had a lot of question about what our chicken breast was made, the nutrition, the printing and lots of other questions we happily answered. Most people also tried our spiced chicken and the reactions were divided. Some thought it was disgusting but there were also a lot of people who thought it tasted quite good. But this was not our main goal of the project. The structure of the chicken was important to us and about this the viewers were really amazed, how good it looked and felt as a real chicken breast. Eventually the science fair almost neared its end. A day full of question and interested people.

Afterward there was a lecture about prototyping and next starting cleaning our stand and moving everything back to our lab. We met up witch our coach George to talk about the day and the future of the project. With the group we also discussed about the improvement points. Now we are inspired by the positive reactions of the people who visited our stand.

In the incoming weeks we will report and extend our research in order to publish it as a paper in food journals.


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